Salt & Pepper Grinder 3.50oz

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt contains the full spectrum of 84 minerals and trace elements just like Mother Earth intended.
It is an unrefined, unprocessed "raw" salt that's hand-mined from abundant salt caves that were formed 250 million years ago as ocean salt settled in the Himalayas.
Tellicherry whole black peppercorns are left on the vine longer so they develop a deep, rich flavor. Considered the finest pepper in the world, these extra-large berries come from the Malabar coast of India. Green peppercorns' flavor has been described as spicy and fresh, with a bright aroma. Pink peppercorns lend foods a different kind of heat, closer to chiles than black pepper. They have the same peppery bite, but it's wrapped in a sweet fruity flavor reminiscent of a berry with an attitude.
To use on just about everything!
Price: $13.50