6oz Square Candle-aroma-free

6oz Square Candle-aroma-free
THESE ARE MADE TO ORDER...the production time of fairly quick. Please call for more information.

Ambiance of light, without the aroma. Great for weddings and parties.
Perfect when you do not want to mix different aromas together, with food or those sensitive to aroma.

Breathe easy!
These 100% soybean wax candles are handcrafted in small batches without dyes or synthetic additives. The 100% cotton coreless braided wicks are primed with vegetable wax rather than paraffin wax.

Packaged in a cocoa brown 100% recycled content gift box, 100% recycled content tissue paper and tied with a cocoa brown100% natural hemp cord.
The perfect gift for anyone and any occasion.

Candleholders can be recycled or repurposed for home or office use. If you choose not to repurpose your empty candleholder, please recycle it or take advantage of our Candle Recycling Program!

Burn time is 40+ hours.
Height: 3" and Widest Diameter: 2.875"
Price: $16.00